book and magazine design

We are experienced in all stages of the publishing process from initiation and development of projects through to design and production. We also produce digital publications – see digital.

Chinese cookbook

Chinese cookbook

Bilingual cookbook
Web Dynamics International

A Chinese-English cookbook containing the favourite recipes of every worker in Web Dynamics' Wenzhou factory.

ava architecture

ava animation

Basics design series
AVA Publishing

We are part way through designing the architectural design and animation series of books for this educational publisher.

anvil press cover

Book covers
Anvil Press

Anvil Press is a small poetry publisher specialising in modern poetry and poetry in translation.

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guide to the architecture of london

Architecture guide
Weidenfeld & Nicholson

A Guide to the Architecture of London (E Jones & C Woodward), revised from the original edition (also designed by us) to include new photographs and maps, and with many revised and updated entries.

knots sokari

Sokari Douglas Camp

Catalogue produced for the artist for a London exhibition.

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gp14 mainsail

gp14 mainsail

Mainsail magazine
GP14 Association

Magazine for members of the GP14 dinghy class association – the colour palette is taken from the spinnaker sails used on the boats. Since we redesigned the magazine two years ago advertising revenue has increased considerably.