working with community organisations

We work with a number of community organisations – often on very tight budgets. Projects include websites, reports, presentations, brochures and other publications.

aston mansfield leaflet

aston mansfield leaflet

Promotional leaflet

A marketing leaflet designed for print for the Newham Funding Summit 2012.

Community Matters IVAR report

Community Matters/ IVAR

A report looking at the role of community-based organisations, published for both print and digital use.

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locality report

aston mansfield report


A series of digital reports for the London Third Sector Premises Forum. Designed primarily for distribution as interactive pdfs, some of the reports were also printed in short runs.

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cm report

Flexible brochure
Community Matters

A range of postcards, each outlining a different project, and a folder – designed for the contents to be tailored as required for different events.

epf report

Workshop report
Ethical Property Foundation

Simple PDF format report – designed to be printed out by the viewer if required or viewed on screen.