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Digital presentations, digital reports, interactive pdfs, CDs, e-books, e-flyers, e-cards - the list is ever expanding...

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IWM appraisal form

Digital form

A form for internal use which had to be capable of revisions and additions during its life. For practical reasons it was required as a Word template - shown here.

dta total connector

dta total connector


A two-part presentation developed with the client and designed to explain the intricacies of funding and the role of community anchors. Illustrations: h+c.

download the total connector presentation

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elcvs report

elcvs report

Digital report
East London CVS Network

A report on the work of volunteer centres in east London. We designed the report as an interactive pdf in landscape format, designed to be read on screen.

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elcvs training manual

Training manual
East London CVS Network

A hyperlinked manual produced for distribution on CD and designed to work with the ELCVS visual identity. This is the second CD we have produced for this client.



We started off designing interacive e-cards for friends and can now offer one-offs or customised cards from our small series.

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