information design

Infographics involve in-depth research into the subject, and require inventive thinking to produce accessible, accurate (and entertaining) graphics.

‘Thank you again for your creativity, patience and perseverence on this project. You are both a pleasure to work with.’ Linda Damerell, DTA, on Total Connector

IWM London

Map showing routes between the Imperial War Museum (IWM) and the two other London sites, Churchill War Rooms and HMS Belfast.

dta total connector

dta total connector


Total Connector was developed in collaboration with the client to illustrate funding patterns and the central role of community anchors. We also developed interactive games for testing sessions and workshops. Illustrations: h+c.

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nhs bsbv case for change

nhs bsbv stats

NHS South West London

We needed to turn complex data into a clear idea that could be understood at a glance. By using simple icons, the problem of health spending in an ageing population could be communicated without using precise figures.

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elcvs graph

elcvs graph

East London CVS Network

This graph illustrates the age range of volunteers in the east London boroughs. The grey blocks represent the overall area average with each borough represented by a colour.

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nhs carepaths

Clinical information

The clinicians involved wanted a clear graphic representation of how children with complex special needs should be referred through the system. Through the design process we helped clarify the system to those who were working in it.